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Kevin Smith, Executive Producer: Sundance alum, fan-favorite writer/director and multimedia powerhouse, Kevin Smith, has entertained millions of people through his movies, podcasts and television shows. Renowned for his dirty mouth, kind soul and intellectual wit, Kevin represents an established brand that is unparalleled in the industry.

Kevin first became aware of Michael Parks’ talents at the Miramax premiere of From Dusk Till Dawn. Although it would take him 15 years to write Michael’s character in Red State, that day, Kevin told his friend, Scott Mosier, that he wanted to write a film for Michael Parks.


"I'm happy that Josh is currently in production on a documentary I can't wait to watch about the greatest actor I've ever known."

-Kevin Smith

Roush Multimedia is co-owned by Josh and Olivia Roush

Josh Roush, Director/Editor: Josh is best known for his popular podcast on cinema, The Soapbox Office. He is also known for his portfolio of short films, music videos and commercials, all of which are available on his website AntiCurrent.com. After studying film at California State University, he began working with Kevin Smith in a multitude of roles, whilst also hustling to constantly output his own creative projects.

Josh was a dear friend of the subject, Michael Parks, for several years. In 2012, Josh was assigned by Kevin Smith to be Michael Parks’ assistant during Tusk. They instantly became close friends and over the 4 years they knew each other, they developed a very close relationship.


Matt Rowbottom, Co-Producer: Matthew worked in Film, TV, and Theater in the mid-late 90's, but chose a different path at the turn of the millennium. When Matthew returned to working on Film projects in 2014, he quickly realized that his 15 year career in People, Product, and Project Management directly related to producing Film and TV. He has since been using his experience, along with a renewed passion for film-making, to continuously grow into expanding roles; working on short films, web-series, and independent features.

Matthew is a long-time collaborator with Josh and Olivia, and was an acquaintance of Michael Parks.


Cam Mosavian, Composer: Cam is an independent Musician and Songwriter. He has toured around the country in numerous bands and has recorded a multitude of compositions since early 2000. Most notably his band “Piss N' Blood” released the Treason EP as well as the full-length F.T.W to wide acclaim. In 2014 he formed his current band, “The Overrides” which are currently recording new material.

In 2016 he recorded the score to The Mission and provides music to The Soapbox Office Podcast.


Mitch Cleaver, Cinematographer: Mitch Cleaver is a long-time collaborator and friend of Josh Roush. He has acted as cinematographer on Josh’s short films, commercials and various other productions. The two have an effective and efficient working relationship. Mitch is most well-known for his cinematography on the documentary, Smoke and Mirrors: The Story of Tom Savini.

Olivia Roush, Producer: Olivia Roush is best known for her extensive production experience. She is a unit production manager in the Director’s Guild of America and she is a production coordinator in IATSE. She has worked on such films as Nocturnal Animals, The Little Hours and Holidays. She brings an in-depth understanding of the groundwork it takes to carry a feature length project from development to distribution.

Olivia was also a friend of Michael Parks and his family.


Nick Dellaposta, Artistic Director: Nick is one of the highest sought after graphic designers in the business. Thankfully, our director has been friends with him since he was 12 years old and has decades of blackmail material.





Michael Parks, Hollywood, 1969, Tinseltown, photo, #ParksDoc
Michael Parks, Hollywood, 1969, Tinseltown, photo, #ParksDoc
Michael Parks, Hollywood, 1969, Tinseltown, photo, #ParksDoc
Michael Parks, Hollywood, 1969, Tinseltown, photo, #ParksDoc