Long Lonesome Highway is the story of the greatest performer that you've likely never heard of. Once called "the world's greatest living actor" by Quentin Tarantino, Michael spent the majority of his life being blacklisted by the Hollywood system.


This documentary is designed to show the world the unmistakeable talent they failed to pay enough attention to.


Our director, Josh Roush, was assigned to be Michael's assistant on the set of Tusk by Kevin Smith. The first day between a young, green haired punk and an older, cranky actor was quite awkward, but they soon developed a kinship over a mutual love of music and literature that lasted until the end.


For years, Josh tried to get a documentary off the ground about Michael and now, thanks to the support of Kevin Smith, James Parks (son), Tricia Mancuso Parks (daughter), Kathy Onstad (sister), and many more friends and family members, that dream is now a reality.





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